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morning. the holidays are over. the new year is well underway. it's time to take a look at where america stands. they don't standstill. that's for sure. we believe our country's creativity and innovation will keep us on the cutting edge. but in the world that isn't standing still either, is america's creativity keeping pace? is that is the question susan spencer will be addressing in our sunday morning cover story. >> reporter: so where does america stand? this month cbs news is taking stock, both of where we stand now and where we could stand in the future. for our part, sunday morning is going for a full culture shock, taking america's temperature in the arts, books, movies, all things creative which brings us to this morning's status report on american creativity. >> you've seen that great industrial revolution where people are inventing the telephone, the telegraph, the light bulb and everything else. you've seen the push that came because of the internet and the digital revolution. and now we're looking for what's going to be the evening inof the driver of a new creativity. >> repor
gathered. so often these days the face of america is that of a soldier. in this case, captain jonathan hart. >> i brought my para-troopers in to help the people of haiti recover from this earthquake. >> reporter: the log jam at the airport has put the 82nd behind schedule. an 800-man battalion was supposed to be on the ground friday. but by yesterday there were only 240. the main port is a disaster area and until a second one can be opened up at cape haitian on the north shore, the american military is trying to move in to haiti through that single runway airport. the vice president likened it to shoving a bowling ball through a straw. >> we were able to get 17 airframes in. we have the capacity to send in 700. airframes. >> reporter: secretary of state clinton who made a firsthand inspection yesterday said one of the first questions she asked the military was why not parachute troops and supplies in? she got the same answer reporters got when they asked the commander of the operation. >> air drop is dangerous for people on the ground because when people see things falling, they will run to
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. later on sunday morning. >> osgood: we look at where america stands musically on grammy sunday. learn the lessons from the play "our town." remember author j.d. salinger and more. but first the headlines for this sunday morning, the 31st of january, 2010. there's word that toyota plans to start sending parts to dealers in the next few days to repair problems with sticking gas pedals that forced the recall of millions of cars. pakistan's army seas it is investigating reports that the leader of the taliban in pakistan has died from injuries he sustained in an american drone missile strike. police in earthquake ravaged haiti have arrested ten americans on its border with the dominican republic. they're charged with trying to take 33 children out of the country illegally. the americans belonged to an idaho charity. they say they were only bringing the children to an orphanage. actor rip torn is being held in connecticut on charges that he broke into a bank while intoxicated carrying a loaded handgun. there's a new miss america. virginia's karisa cameron, a 22-year-old broadcast journalism
, barry petersen knows just the person to turn to. >> reporter: she is traveling america, putting together a most unusual collection. not of objects but of ordinary people who do extraordinary things. >> at the core i knew we were made up of really good people. >> reporter: people mike the arizona crime-fighting housewife. the oklahoma man who helps troubled boys. the doctor who makes pottery to fund his medical missions overseas. >> i want to know what it feels like to be the person who raises their hand and says, "it's up to me to do this." >> reporter: that desire to know fed an idea that fueled a year-long mission. visit one state each week and interview people changing their communities. and then share their stories to inspire others. >> when people tell me i'm crazy, i tell them they're right. you know what? it takes a little bit of crazy to make a difference. >> reporter: in san francisco, she met software engineer and amateur musician ed hernandez. >> a lot of people have horns they have from college, high school that they don't play anymore but they haven't gotten rid of. >> repor
,600 outlets across america. not to mention one very famous canine mascot. robert v.parker died monday in cambridge massachusetts at the age of 77. he joined the ranks of great detective writers in 1973 with his book. considered a streetwise boston private i known simply as spencer. the way parker told it, he sold his manuscript on his very first try. >> i just sent a one-line cover letter. would you care to publish this, robert parker? so it's been easy. i wish it weren't so i could have a better story to tell. >> osgood: parker had plenty of stories to tell enough for more than 50 novels including 57 featuring spencer who inspired the 1980s tv series spencer for hire. starring robert urich. in 1999, parker had a cameo in a spencer cable tv movie as a sleeping policeman. in real-life, of course, robertçó b.parker never missed a clue. and we learned of the death of another author, erich segal as the age of 72. as a professor of ancient greek literature at yale he achieved overnight fame in 1970 by writing a very short love story entitled "love story." >> love story was something like
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)

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